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Best Wholesale Hair Vendors | Top 3 Suppliers

In today’s article, we will share 3 wholesale hair vendors that we think are the best. The main contents include:

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Best wholesale hair vendors selection criteria

1. Must be a real factory not a trading company.
At present, there are a large number of wholesale hair vendors who claim to be factories in the market, but it is difficult for ordinary customers to identify whether they are real factories, because these suppliers are basically abroad, and most customers will not go abroad to visit these suppliers. However, it is very important to identify whether the supplier has a real factory, because only the factory can provide a very competitive price, and the factory usually has a huge inventory, which can guarantee a stable supply of goods. Fortunately, we will complete the difficult task of on-site inspection for you. The Top 3 wholesale hair vendors we recommend are all real factories that have been verified by our on-site inspection.

2. Must have a considerable company scale
There is an economic principle called “scale effect” in economics. The larger the production scale of the factory, the lower the average production cost per commodity. Therefore, we have reason to believe that large-scale factories have a price advantage over small factories. The Top 3 wholesale hair vendors we recommend are all large-scale factories in the industry.

3. Must have good customer reviews
Real customer reviews can reflect a factory’s customer service, product quality, logistics speed and other aspects of information. We comprehensively compared the user evaluations of multiple factories, and finally came up with the top3 list.

Top 3 wholesale hair vendors

Now, let us see what factories are in the list of top 3 wholesale hair vendors.
The first place, we (HNA Hair factory), our factory has a large scale of production which reduce average production cost, so you can find that our price has a huge advantage compared to most supplies. we also reduce marketing costs through efficient operation strategies. Cooperate with our factory, you will gain unparalleled competitiveness. The other two are LSY Hair and Unice Hair.

Points to note when looking for wholesale hair suppliers

Don’t go to to find suppliers, you should look for suppliers with official websites to cooperate with. Many customers don’t know the real situation, platform is full of a large number of trading companies, and their prices have no advantage at all. Due to the sheer number of them, you have no idea how to find the real factory. And Alibaba’s platform mechanism is particularly complicated, you need to go through tedious steps to get the supplier’s quotation, which is very time-consuming, and you may be tired before you meet the real factory, so you may finally choose some trading companies on Alibaba platform by mistake. The result of our observation is that most factories have independent websites. Therefore, you’d better look for a company with an official website to cooperate with.

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